Poker Strategies For The Pro Casino Gambler

Whether you only play poker with your friends at home, or you’re a hardcore casino poker who takes their game to your favourite casino hotel, a Las Vegas casino, and tournament play, you probably always want to improve your game.

A true student of the game is constantly looking for ways to improve. Casino poker is one of the few games that are more about skill than look. Casino blackjack is another skill game, but poker, with its emphasis on memory, psychology, and long term decision making, is easily the most skillful of the casino games.

The following tips will help you show off your poker savvy whether you’re on a riverboat casino, or playing online poker at a no deposit casino.

Strategy is everything in poker. Your goal should be to lose as little as possible, and win big hands. Be selective. Fold if you don’t think you can win. In the long run, this will serve you a lot better than staying in and increasing your losses just to ‘stay in the game’.

Study your opponents. Even if you are playing against complete strangers, or playing online where you only have limited information to go on, you should be able to make judgements after just a few hands worth of play. Is the player loose or tight? Aggressive or timid? Keep mental notes, and be prepared to revise them as play goes on.

Bluff sparingly. Many people, in their desire to impress, bluff far too often. This makes people much more likely to call you. Only bluff if you’re up against a tight player, and you think they will fold.

The poker strategies above are basic ones, but they apply to all variations of poker. The important thing to remember is to be prepared to change your strategy, adapt to the people you are playing against. Don’t bluff for the sake of it, and don’t let other players get a handle on you. Play the people as much as the game and you will do well in your casino gambling career.