Different Poker Hands

Should I Play Different Poker Hands In Tournaments and Ring Games?

There are many differences between online poker tournaments, online ring games, and other online poker events. So, it begs the question “Should I play different poker hands in tournaments and ring games?” the answer to this question is “sometimes”. Let me explain…

When you are playing at the start of a major online Texas Holdem poker tournament, you want to play tight and only play a few starting hands. Unless you have a high pair or face cards, you should be folding almost every hand. This kind of play may be profitable in ring games, but chances are, you will be missing out on a lot of opportunity for profit if you fold too many hands. When playing in a ring game, you should be playing based on pot odds, and because you don’t really have to worry about the size of your chip stack (you can always reload), you can afford to play many more marginal hands than you would in a tournament without any rebuys.

But, once the online poker tournament progresses a bit and people start to loosen up, you should pretty much use standard ring game starting hand poker strategy, even when you are playing in a poker tournament. Once you know the players at your table and have been watching them for a while, you will know when they are weak and when you can make a play with a weaker hand. This takes experience to know when to do something like this, and if you don’t know what you are doing, you will lose a lot of chips quickly.

It doesn’t matter if you are playing in an online Texas Holdem poker tournament or an Omaha hi ring game – different situations require different poker hands to be successful. The key is to get as much experience as possible playing at your favorite poker room and poker sites so you know when to change your style of play to make the most profit. No poker tips or poker strategy can help you as much as just playing more poker!